Your Epidermis Is Showing

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Epidermis and Dermis
Epidermis and Dermis

Your epidermis. It’s your largest organ in the body yet the one with so many complications if not cared for properly.

Your skin is the first natural barrier for your immune system.

But what happens if you don’t look after it properly?

Dale and Tracy explain why it is important to look after your skin, and offer advice on how to improve your skin’s integrity.

They also explain two very common, yet manageable, skin conditions – contact dermatitis and psoriasis.

They will also share with you how these occur within your body and what to do to avoid complications surrounding them.

Dale and Tracy tell why it is important to ensure your skin is looked after over cooler months.

There are many complications that can arise from poor skin management, join us for some insights to ensure you love the skin you ‘re in!


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