What Is Financial Risk?

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Today we talk about the concept of financial risk and use examples to relate it to personal finance.

Host Dev Raga provides some strategies to help you identify financial risk.

Money is just a tool, it doesn’t buy happiness. Ese it to make your life better, but more importantly, use it to make the lives of those around you better.

host Dev Raga.

We answer the question “What is Financial Risk?” in financial or investment terms.

We discuss methods to work out your risk profile you can then use it to work out your asset allocation within your portfolio.

Often anadviser may help you create your own personal risk profile.

Corporations may also use risk profiles.

Dev describes different risk types like systematic risks and also, unsystematic risk which can be countered with diversification.

He also mentions other risk types like

  • business risk
  • credit risk
  • country risk
  • currency risk
  • interest rate risk
  • liquidity risk

Dev then talks risk mitigation strategies.


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This is general advice only. Seek the advice of a financial adviser.

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