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Welcome to our very first episode of Tech Matters, in this episode Greg and Craig give a brief introduction.

They discuss the confusing internet landscape explaining the different cabled connection types. Things like FTTN, FTTP and FTTC and some other nerdy jargon that goes with it.

We also explain the difference between wireless broadband (or internet) and wi-fi. Plus we give a brief rundown of our ill-informed understanding of the roll-out of 5G.

We don’t neglect gamers and streamers explaining bandwidth, latency and ping and streaming services and buffering.

Craig gives us his “App of the week” – Audlist, a newly launched audio only social media platform similar to instagram.

We prove nerds can laugh! You’ll find out in this week’s “tech fail of the week”, Elon Musk’s new launch of the Tesla Truck.

This is the information technology podcast that matters most, decoding technology for you!

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