We Don’t Learn Our Lessons In A Lifetime

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After losing her husband, Andrea Powles-Gullick has been on a spiritual journey. Exploring reincarnation and meditation she believes we don’t learn our lessons in a lifetime.

In our interview Andrea shares the tools she has used to help her manage depression and poor mental health. We navigate through topics of spirituality, reincarnation. Along with the loss of her first husband and the diagnosis of her first born with cancer.

Andrea Powles-Gullick has faced much adversity and tapping into her inner being she has learnt to overcome a great deal.

After losing her husband she felt alone and depressed, living her life in a fog, even contemplating joining her husband. She faced reality and sought help. Recognising she was responsible for 2 other lives and she needed to move on with her life.

That was over a decade ago. Now Andrea has made a new life for herself with a new husband and two healthy teenage boys. She is using her experience to help women like her as a life, resilience and intuitive courage coach.

Andrea Powles-Gullick | Reincarnation and Spirituality.
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