We All Have An Inner ‘Karen’

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We would all like to think that we’re calm and reasonable people, and can ‘adult’ really well in trying situations.

But sometimes, when things are just not going our way and are genuinely unfair, life likes to test that theory.

We all have things that are our pet hates, our big triggers, things that bring us to boiling point quicker than others.

For Adam, it’s money issues.

For me, raised voices and ‘customer service’ representatives who do anything but help customers.

Recently an extremely frustrating situation saw us confronted with both triggers.

Our old gym had been overdrawing an empty account of ours.

We have not been members for over 6 months.

We were not notified our account was overdue.

The late fees and overdraft fees have been building up for 3 months.

So, for this week’s episode, we decided to talk through our thought process whilst dealing with this situation.

We discuss how we tried to handle it without releasing our inner ‘Karen and Darren’.

We tried to have empathy for the person at the other end of the phone, even though they were being extremely unhelpful!

What calls your inner Karen or Darren to the surface?

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

Shower thought of the week: Dog’s can’t understand how the laws of physics work because there is an upper limit to their intelligence.

Similarly, humans also have an upper limit to their intelligence and so won’t be able to understand how other laws of the universe work.


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