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virtual networking workshop
virtual networking workshop

I don’t know about you – but networking has been a key part of my marketing strategy.

I enjoy meeting new people. Hearing their stories. Feeding off their enthusiastic energy!

But ‘the virus that shall not be named’ took the networking thing away from me.

Took it away from all of us with rules around social distancing!

So I had to re-think my approach.I was actually meant to run a face-to-face workshop on ‘Networking for Beginners’, that was meant to be funded by City of Parramatta.

But when this virus hit, those plans went out the window!

So I changed the topic to ‘Virtual networking for beginners’ and turned it into a virtual workshop.

Which is like a webinar – but with more personality and interaction!And it was very well-received.

So, in today’s episode of ‘Marketing and Me’, I wanted to go through my virtual networking tips with you.

We don’t know when our networking groups will be back to normal, so these tips will carry you through and ensure you can continue to grow your business during uncertain times.

And when things DO go back to normal, these tips will definitely remain relevant to remain top of mind with your potential and current clients.

So let’s jump into the episode!


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