Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

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As a business owner, having a positive mindset is absolutely essential if you want to be successful.

But 2020 has thrown us all a massive curve ball.

Okay – that is probably the understatement of the century.

But I’ve found it interesting to see the differing perspectives.

Some people are wishing this year would hurry up and just end already.

But others are having their best year yet.

How would you describe 2020 in a few words or a few sentences?

I threw this question out to my network recently and will mention some of the responses – along with my thoughts – later in the episode.

Personally, I have done my best to turn the lemons into lemonade in 2020.

And I am pretty happy with the results.

You have probably heard snippets about the stuff I have been doing via past podcast episodes.

But I have not given you a proper summary.

So I wanted to make this episode a little different to my other solo episodes.

Rather than being structured and scripted- eek!

I am gonna let my thoughts flow and I share my ups and downs with you as my contribution to the Mental Health Month series.

If you need further emotional or mental health support, please reach out to wonderful organisations like Lifeline, Beyond Blue, or the Black Dog Institute.


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