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Have you ever thought about taking a more natural and low tox approach to your business?

Even if that meant flipping everything on its head – and reformatting your workspace, services, and products?

Well, that’s exactly what hairdresser, Kalli Fardoulis, did. Turning her business into a holistic practice.

Due to fertility issues, she had already started to detox her personal life. But then – after seeing positive results – she decided to detox her business life as well.

In today’s episode, Kalli shares her very personal journey from being a woman stressed and battling infertility issues – to becoming a thriving and much healthier businesswoman.

By turning her business into a more holistic practice, Kalli now offers hair solutions to women challenging cancer or their own infertility.

Without further ado, let’s now delve into the episode and hear about the beautiful transformational journey of Kalli Fardoulis!


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