Top 5 Common Content Mistakes

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This episode my guest, Kara Stokes and I are going to share our 5 top common content mistakes health and wellness businesses make.

Of course, I’m talking to another health and wellness copywriter – Kara Stokes.

You might be thinking ‘Leanne, what are you doing?

“Getting a direct competitor onto your podcast” you may ask?

’But the thing is – Kara and I have worked together in the past.

And we may probably will work together again in the future.

So we see ourselves as a great example of how two similar-minded women can actually help each other out.

And believe we can be companions, rather than competitors.

Anyway, in today’s episode, we’re chatting about the top 5 common content mistakes made by health and wellness businesses.

Kara brings up some fantastic points – and you’ve probably made a few of these mistakes yourself.

But don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone!

Let’s get your content up to scratch.


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