To Bus Or Not To Bus?

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Sometimes, things come up that distract us from what we are doing.

People, jobs, pets, houses, all when we are least expecting them to.

We had one such experience a couple of weeks ago, where a dream we had almost forgotten, suddenly became a possibility.

An unexpected opportunity. Completely out of the blue.

So this week’s episode, we talk you through the rabbit hole we jumped down.

A decision that possibly would take us off the path of planned productivity.

The opportunity to convert an old school bus into a tiny mobile home.

We had to ponder a choice to keep going with what we are doing now and say ‘yes, but not yet.’

Basically, ‘to bus or not to bus?’, that was the question.

We talk you through the tiny dream, how it came about, what it means for us and why we ultimately decided now is not the time.

And we would love you to tell us what your dream is too!

Shower thought of the week: She sells seashells by the sea shore.


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