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The wedding day is a special day for every couple that chooses to tie the knot.

And most of the time it makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.

Everyone has a good time, and there is usually some family drama thrown in.

So while we nearly gave the cake away last episode, this episode is where we actually talk about the wedding.

The lead up to the big day, the day itself and what we loved and didn’t love. And the little talked about days following.

We also have a special treat for you this week, we’ll be reading our wedding vows to each other for the first time since our wedding day.

Fair warning, there are tears.

Don’t forget to send us your stories!

We love reading them and when we start to get a good collection we’ll start sharing our favourites on the Podcast!

Shower thought of the week: Have you ever thought about the fact grated cheese becomes significantly more appealing after midnight?


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