The Power of Mindset

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Do you believe you can create and incredible life with the power of mindset?

Do you give yourself enough opportunities to dream?

You know, as in, think about what YOU really want out of life.

Not just what is expected of you?

As humans living in the 2020s, most of us feel our lives are mapped out in front of us.

Find a job. Tick. A partner. Tick. Start a family, Tick. Support that family through many years of hard work, tick.

And then you can retire and finally start living and doing all those things you have always wanted to do.

Sound familiar?

But what if I said you could start moving towards those aspirational dreams today.

To travel and live overseas.

Or leave that unsatisfactory or abusive relationship.

To start training in that area you’ve always wanted to upskill in.

In thid episode of Marketing and Me,

Melissa Wiringai shares her personal journey from experiencing domestic violence and feeling there was no way out.

To living the life of her dreams.

This episode is in recognition of Mental Health Month.

This month I will be sharing more mental health episodes.

If you are only seeing darkness right now, I want you to know the light is just up ahead.

If you need further support, please reach out to wonderful organisations like Lifeline, Beyond Blue, or the Black Dog Institute.

You deserve to be happy.

Without further ado, let’s kick off the episode and hear how Melissa successfully turned her life around.


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