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This episode’s guest is Nicholas Bishop from the London Honey Company.

A place I love to visit when I travel to the UK.

Lock down restrictions have many of us with itchy feet right now.

I have been thinking the perfect antidote to cabin fever is the BEES WITH BEN podcast!

What a better way to keep meeting beekeepers, honey slurpers, nature lovers, and apiarists from all over the world.

This podcast is your virtual hang out with yours truly and guests!

And this episode promises to be a real cracker!

I have spent a month or two travelling Europe this past couple of years and it was a divine experience.

My purpose. Seek out small honey producers in a number of beautiful locations across the European continent.

I was lucky enough to bask in the northern sun, sip wine, eat delicious homemade meals and get dirty in the fields with some amazing keepers.

I bought and tried local honey from farmers markets and met many cute Euro-bees as they buzzed around in lavender fields.

It was some kind of heaven, that’s for sure.

On this trip that I was lucky enough to meet the passionate Nicholas Bishop from the London Honey Company.

Who Is Nicholas Bishop?

I am delighted to introduce Nicholas to the Ben’s Bees community in this Episode of the BEES WITH BEN podcast.

Nicholas Bishop is the Commercial Director of the London Honey Company.

Considered purveyors of the finest honey, honeycomb, handmade 100% beeswax candles and 100% British mead.

They are based in Voyager Business Park, Spa Road, London.

With over 20 years of beekeeping experience, the London Honey Company stocks their delicious and high-quality produce across the UK.

Their products are available in shops, food halls, restaurants and hotels, as well as selling from their gorgeous online store.

A much-loved company, chefs and foodies are head over heels with their produce, as are some of the finest institutions in Britian.

The London Honey Company are the proud beekeepers of the Tate Galleries in London and the Victoria and Albert Museum! Incredible stuff!

When I met Nicholas in Europe a few years ago, I was struck by his passion and work ethic.

Yet despite being super busy, he generously gave up his time to give me a wonderful tour of the London Honey Company facility.

This space was new, as they had recently moved in due to a huge growth in their business.

But the move was not to the detriment of their products quality or price.

The London Honey Company has forged ahead due to their sophisticated and dedicated beekeeping work and honey production skills.

It wasn’t until last year we met again, while giving talks at the Apimondia conference in Montreal, Canada.

Nicholas has a wealth of knowledge and is a lovely bloke.

I was thrilled when Nicholas agreed to chat with me about honey types in London and the UK

In particular heather honey varieties. 


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