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Moving in together is a super exciting step when you are a new couple.

From finding the right home to bringing everything in and deciding what works together and what doesn’t.

And surely you’re not considering moving in together without the obligatory trip to IKEA (Or probably KMART or Target, if not all three!).

Hopefully, the biggest challenge that you face moving in with your significant other is working out how everything is going to look together!

And boy was it eye-opening for both of us. In this episode we take you on our first trip to IKEA and our most recent trip to IKEA.

To show you how much things can change in a few short years and hopefully give you a good laugh along the way.

Story-time this week: What is your go-to shop when you’re moving into a new place? Do you have an IKEA horror story with a current or ex-partner? Let us know on Instagram!

Shower thought of the week: Have you ever thought about the fact that if you were to dig a hole all the way through the centre of the earth, the planet would then change from being in the shape of a sphere to being a doughnut?


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