The Five Love Languages

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If you have or haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, you’ve probably no doubt heard of it.

We thought it would be fun, since it’s such a long time since we did the quiz together.

To do the quiz with you guys listening in that is.

To see if our love language has changed since we met.

If you’re not familiar with the five love languages, don’t worry!

We jump right into the quiz and you can listen along with us, and then before we reveal each of our love languages we go through all five again to remind ourselves and you.

If you’d like to do the quiz for yourself and the people around you, there is a couples quiz, a singles quiz and a children’s quiz at

And I also read the definitions of each of the languages here

What love language are you?

Shower thought of the week: All soup is goop, but not all goop is soup.


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