The Alien Within Your Gut (bacteria)

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Thanks to two Australian researchers, the discovery of a little known gut bacteria has suddenly thrust major gastrointestinal diseases into the spotlight.

The Australian researchers even won a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Despite this, the medical community were skeptical at first about the devastation this bacteria could cause in humans.

And it wasn’t until a self-sacrifice took place that it really gained traction.

We now know the links between Helicobacter Pylori and gastric ulcer and even gastric cancers.

And also the its link to the more common GORD/GERD.

This episode Dale and Tracy run help explain where this bacteria comes from, and what exactly it does to our gastrointestinal tract.

Evidence suggests this has been around for over 50,000 years, but thankfully in Western medicine, it is deemed an endangered species (yes, that exists for bacteria).

But why is it so common in other cultures without causing significant illness?

Join us for a look at the hardy bacteria that is seen as a major contributor to health costs around the globe


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