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The Taylor Made Podcast Relationship Theory
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Here is a brief introduction. We are the Taylor’s. Adam and Danikka.

We are two 20 somethings recently married and ready to share our stories.

Our first episode ever is a quick peek into who we are and what has pushed us to finally start the podcast we’ve been talking about making for too long!

We talk getting stood down due to COVID-19, meeting online, and how you can be featured on our podcast.

With Adam’s ever bright outlook and my grounded (sometimes cynical) perspective coming head to head, I think it’s safe to declare death to small talk!

Listen in if you’d like to get to know a relatable 20 something couple living through this period in time right along side you.

This week’s shower thought: Have you considered that your adult personality is just your child personality filtered through society?


This podcast is posted under an Applaudible Self Produced Creator Agreement. Copyright owners are Danikka and Adam Taylor © 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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