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In this very socially isolated episode of Tech Matters, we discuss how the world is adapting to social isolation.

Greg talks about some of the issues he has dealt with as a help desk operator for his company.

He spent much of his week helping people employees on 4G wireless broadband improving their signal strength

Technology is helping us stay connected in work and play and business and education are re-inventing themselves.

Craig shares his childhood stories of his days of interfering with the neighbours when on citizen band radio (27Mhz) back in the day!

We talked about shopping, socially distancing and old technology of gloves, face masks and hand sanitiser.

Tech Fail of the Week

Craig shares his experience of trying to claim a Centrelink payment seeking financial assistance as someone affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

The run on the MyGov website saw that many log in attempts it sent the servers in to protection mode, with the government at first suggesting it was a dedicated denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Later it was admitted the server was unable to handle the number of requests of people seeking assistance.

It took approximately 2 days for the MyGov system to return to a degree of stability.

Greg’s chooses his fail as the Queensland Government’s decision to still going ahead with the regional council elections, when the federal government was asking people to stay home and social distance.

Craig talks about the 15 minute immunology tests which have been created to help test for those who may have already had SARS-2 (Covid-19) to help determine if they now have immunity to let them go back to work.

Greg and Craig talk about government supported apps to help people stay up to speed on information about Coronavirus.

Greg attempts to sign up for the House Party App, and stops at the privacy settings.

We then go on to discuss other video conferencing, meeting and collaboration apps like BlueJeans, Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Quick Fire News

  • US Space Force is a thing
  • iOS 13.4 update
  • Telstra NBN generosity during Covid
  • Google bans Alex Jones Info Wars android app
  • Telstra suspending the porting of landlines.

Craig talks about his new People with a Passion show, “Livestreaming with Friends” which is multicast on Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and Vimeo.

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