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Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

What are Stock Buy Backs?

In this episode do a deep dive on stock buy backs. We also answer Dr DB’s question about DCA or lump sum investing. CREATOR This podcast is posted under an Applaudible Self Produced Creator Agreement. Copyright owner is Dev Raga © 2021. All Rights...

Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

What Is An IPO?

In this episode we will discuss the concept of an Initial Public Offer or IPO. An IPO is where private corporations or families who own businesses, go public. What that means is they float their company on a stock exchange, where people can buy and...

Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

What Are Corporate Actions?

Today Dev responds to one of our subscriber’s question about the ASX200 index and talk about corporate actions. Dev also outlines the subtypes including mandatory and voluntary actions. He gives 5 easy steps you can take to improving your...