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Marketing and Me Podcast

How to Manage Your Time

Do any of the following phrases sound familiar to you? “I just don’t have enough time!” “I’m so busy at the moment.” “We’re gonna be late!” If yes, you probably have an issue with time management. And if you’re juggling a business and family life...

Marketing and Me Podcast

How I Get Sh*t Done!

Do you feel that life is something that just happens to you – without any sense of control? Do you have a long list of dreams and aspirations – but feel they’re completely beyond your reach? And do you feel a sense of pain when you see...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Organise The Life You Want To Live

Nobody wants to be disorganised. That is where life planning comes in. Being disorganised leads to stress, overwhelm, and forgetfulness. But if you’re a working mum and juggling this crazy thing called life, it can be difficult to prioritise those...

The Taylor Made Podcast Relationship Theory

How To Train Your Gamer

For those who have dated or are thinking of dating a gamer, here is a non-gamers take on how to train your gamer. Gaming is an ever increasingly popular hobby as technology becomes a bigger part of our lives. I feel like there are two companies in...