Bees with Ben Podcast

Luke De Laeter: Buzz Ed, Perth

Luke De Laeter, qualified beekeeper and entrepreneur, Buzz Ed, Perth, Western Australia I always knew I loved bees, right from the moment I found a wild bee nest down at the creek in the bush near my parents’ place. It was a fast realisation – yes...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Peter Gatehouse – Hill Top Hives

Peter Gatehouse from Hill Top Hives, South Gippsland, Australia. It’s quite uncanny, but there are many remarkable stories of transformation that centre on bees. It seems bees often enter someone’s life and a change in perspective. Even perhaps...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Natural Beekeeping with Unspun Honey

Matthew Waltner-Toews from Unspun Honey, Mount Gambier, Australia. I love imperfections in nature, especially honey. So as a natural beekeeper, I take my hat off to businesses that privilege the wellbeing of the bee over all else. That is what makes...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Beekeeping, Bees and Honey

This episode we speak with Ben Moore about his lifelong passion for beekeeping and bees. Ben loves sharing his knowledge and he presents his passion like the “Steve Irwin of Bees”.  Having appeared on popular television and radio...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Bees For Development (France)

Ben’s Guest is Milan Wiercx van Rhijn of Bees for Development, France. A few years ago, I visited one of my favourite countries, France. Milan Wiercx van Rhijn, and his lovely partner, Kim looked after me. Spoilt with handmade ice-cream...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Introducing Bees With Ben

For any of you that know me, I love a good yarn. One the of the best things about my job is getting out and about with local people. I love sharing the knowledge I have about bees, the environment, produce, gardening and healthy living. And I have...


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