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The Taylor Made Podcast Relationship Theory

Open Letter To Our Past Selves

We thought it might be fun to celebrate our 30th episode by going on another trip down memory lane. That is past before we first met to talk to our 18-year-old selves. What would we say to them? What wisdom would we pass on? And, what would our...

The Taylor Made Podcast Relationship Theory

Everyday Aussie Interview

Adam and Danikka kick of a series of “Every Day Aussie Interview” with guests Sam and Sarah. After sharing their own relationship advice, now it is time to share the experience of others. With 10 years together under their belts, Sam and...

The Taylor Made Podcast Relationship Theory

The Five Love Languages

If you have or haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, you’ve probably no doubt heard of it. We thought it would be fun, since it’s such a long time since we did the quiz together. To do the quiz with you guys listening in that is...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Can Couples Work Together?

Is it possible? Can couples work together without it ruining a relationship? Are you thinking about going into business with your husband, wife, or partner? Or maybe you’re already working together – but things have been a bit rocky lately...