Marketing and Me Podcast

Podcasting For Brand Building

This episode we explore podcasting for brand building. Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? But wonder if it’s all worth the effort? Or maybe you’re super eager to get onboard. But you feel there are already so many talented people out...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Warm Greetings and Gratitude From Ben

Warm Greetings and Gratitude from Ben. In this episode, I send out my warmest hellos and thank you’s to all the incredible people that make the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast a reality. It is one thing to have a podcast, but it is a very different...

Marketing and Me Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

I have often been asked by my clients, “how to start a podcast”? Twelve months ago, launching a business podcast was just a dream floating around my head. The benefits were obvious. I could expand my reach, enhance connections, build...