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Wondermazing Honeybees

When you run a bee business, thinking up your business name is a big deal. For me, having a name starting with “B” was very helpful, and the sing-song nature of Ben’s Bees felt right from the start. However, if my name wasn’t Ben, and I was...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Hive Buddy Bee Mentor Platform

Hive Buddy is a new place for beekeepers to learn, contribute and grow together with their beekeeping. It has been put together by some Australian beekeepers with the hope to finally create a place where beekeepers can increase their confidence...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Cedar Anderson, Flow Hive Co-Inventor

This episode I am joined by Cedar Anderson, Flow Hive co-inventor, Byron Bay, Australia. While the recording of this episode might be a little crackly in parts, I feel it represents something of the character of my next guest. He is an Inventor...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Beach Box Honey, Australia

Ryan Moloney (AKA “Toadfish” from Neighbours), Beach Box Honey, Australia. If there is a piece of fine art that sums up the experience of the Aussie suburbs like no other, it’s Neighbours. And while the soap opera has a swag of lovable and hateable...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Bees For Development

Gladstone Solomon is a beekeeper and Bees for Development trustee in Tobago. Some people have wise and particularly beautiful souls. It is not something that can be quantified. It is just a feeling that you get when you meet them, a kind of radiance...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Beekeeping, Bees and Honey

This episode we speak with Ben Moore about his lifelong passion for beekeeping and bees. Ben loves sharing his knowledge and he presents his passion like the “Steve Irwin of Bees”.  Having appeared on popular television and radio...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Vindfløy Bybigård in Bergen, Norway

Manuel Hempel of Vindfløy Bybigård in Bergen, Norway As you will find out, the last time I saw Manuel Hempel was in a karaoke bar In Canada. Obviously, my stellar singing voice made a great impression on the young, 34-year-old beekeeper Because, we...

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