Bees with Ben Podcast

Steve Donohue, Interviews with Beekeepers

This episode I am joined by Steve Donohue, beekeeper and author of Interviews with Beekeepers. Times flies when your… a beekeeper! So, it has been a MASSIVE two months since we last spoke (or I spoke with beekeepers, and you tuned in). But the BEES...

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When Winning Matters

This episode’s featured guest is Associate Professor at USQ and Physiologist and co-author of the new book “When Winning Matters”. The book was written with long time friend, former NBL Basketball Coach Rob Beveridge. See the...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

How To Deal With Change

This Episode’s guest, Andrew Hackett talks about many strategies to deal with change. Passionate about helping others change their lives for the better. Sexually abused by a school teacher as a teenager, Andrew spent a 20 year journey to...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Need To Become An Undertaker

Harlequin Grim is not your average author. He looked to become an undertaker to get closer to his writing and storytelling. Living with bipolar 2 and the constant curse of depression or the highs of mania he decided to get closer to his demons. So...