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Neil Stuckey - Sticky Stuckey Honey
Neil Stuckey – Sticky Stuckey Honey

This episode’s guest is Neil Stuckey from Sticky Stuckey Honey, Gippsland, Victoria.

I do not get jealous much, but I am a tad envious of my dear friend Neil.

With a name, “Neil Stuckey” – yes, like Sticky.

Stuckey’s Honey – what’s not to turn a little green over.

The kind of last name bee keepers dream of.

Seems to me the gods (or his parents at least) must have known he would be a bee lover and a maker of delicious honey.

It is a pleasure, therefore, to introduce you to this great friend and colleague of mine to the BEES WITH BEN podcast.

I have known Neil for eight years now.

So last week I travelled down to the beautiful Gippsland area of southern Victoria.

One of my favourite places in Australia, even on Earth.

I sat down with Neil at the site of Sticky Stuckey Honey’s (perfection!) packing plant at Flynns Creek.

Neil is a real inspiration for me. Why?

This keeper sells over twelve varieties of honey.

Selling honey is his main income.

That is now how it is for most keepers, quite unusual to be honest.

Sticky Stuckey Honey sells a whopping two tons of honey per week on average.

Who is Neil Stuckey?

Neil has over 100 colonies of his own, which is a love-project, keeping his hives purely because he is passionate about bees.

In parallel, Neil pollinates on the side, and his bees do really well when on the canola fields out near his joint!

Neil really is a wealth of knowledge and has been a go-to for the local media for some big issues to do with health and honey regulations.

Neil’s unapologetic and down-to-earth approach is based on his huge experience, and he sure makes a lot of sense to me!

On a personal note, anyone who knows Neil well, knows red gum honey is his favourite as it reminds him of his childhood.

What a sweety-sticky-Stuckey honey Neil is!

And his lovely partner Ann is equally as divine – she makes the most amazing country food, including that time when she made me lobster thermidor when I came to visit!

What absolute gems.

For these reasons, I am thrilled to welcome Neil Stuckey to the BEES WITH BEN podcast.

This episode we talk all things bees, southern Victoria and honey varieties with a true-blue local treasure.


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