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This episode I am joined by Steve Donohue, beekeeper and author of Interviews with Beekeepers.

Times flies when your… a beekeeper!

So, it has been a MASSIVE two months since we last spoke (or I spoke with beekeepers, and you tuned in).

But the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast is officially back!

And I am so very happy about it – I have missed you all so much!

As some of you know, I am becoming an author!

My first book titled For the Love of Bees is about to become available as a very limited run (so get your orders in).

With that in mind, it’s a total pleasure for this first-time author to welcome an author I admire to the show.

Steve Donohoe, a beekeeper and creator of Interviews with Beekeepers.

As Steve describes,

“Beekeeping is many things to many people. Maybe it’s a hobby, a vocation, a commercial enterprise or your field of study. It will almost certainly become an obsession” – I couldn’t agree more! You see, I know many people who come to bees from varied perspectives and sometimes troubled paths.”

Steve describes that he was working a tough corporate job, that led him into a drinking problem.

It was the bees that helped Steve get back on track and recover to become the man he is today.

Profound stuff!

Interviews with Beekeepers offers a truly unique insight into all aspects of beekeeping.

From bee farms, to raising queens, coping with swarms, and finding the perfect location for an apiary. The book has it all.

And Steve collected all this amazing and useful information through a series of conversations with commercial beekeepers.

It is a gem of a book and one I highly recommend you get your mitts on!

I even make an appearance in the pages!

So, tune in for this special episode, as I return to the air waves to pick the brain of the wonderful Steve Donohue on beekeeping as therapy, authoring a book, getting to know the beekeeping community, and the worst place to get stung!


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