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Michael Haddad from Sparkke Natural Brewery, Adelaide.

As the summer starts to slowly warm up in Melbourne.

And Christmas bells are ringing after a very long year of challenges.

People across Australia (and the world) are finding ways to celebrate the things that really matter in life.

There have been many dark moments in 2020, and we understand the fight is not over yet.

However, these moments have provided one thing.

Tthe space to think about the social, cultural, environmental and economic issues that really matter to us.

It is my hope that the isolation we have endured has provided the time for us to reconsider how we live and act.

How we treat one another and the planet.

And to think about how we might make choices that are in line with what our hearts know to be right and true.

That is why, as Christmas is just days away, I am thrilled to introduce you to an amazing venture for episode 27 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

A guest who will warm your heart and wet your whistle.

Sparkke – a female-founded and -led brewery based in Adelaide that distributes delicious, ethical drinks across Australia.

Sparkke calls for respect for all races and genders, reminds drinkers that climate change is indeed real.

It hammers home the absolute necessity of sexual consent, and honours sustainability.

In fact, each of their cans bares a slogan to get drinkers thinking about an abundance of important issues that are close to the heart of the company and its founders – including bees!

In the wake of the bushfires that devastated many local colonies earlier in the year.

Sparkke brewery has partnered with Save the Bees to raise money to help Australian bees get back on their cute little feet.

What gems!

Unfortunately, I was unable to speak to any of the amazing women that run Sparkke.

This time of year is complete madness for small businesses making delicious, natural, ethical beverages!

However, the lovely Michael Haddad of Sparkke kindly spoke to me about the brewery.

We discuss its ethos and fantastic range of drinks right in time for the silly season.

He was even kind enough to send me some honey malt liqueur!

As we reach the end of what has been a rollercoaster of a year, it’s time to raise a glass.

To toast our endurance, our commitment to be better people each and every day and to make choices that help our community.

I am so happy that I can wish you a Merry Christmas with a drink from Sparkke in hand! Cheers and much love, Ben x


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