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 Skye Blackburn AKA the Bug Lady of Circle Harvest, Sydney, Australia

When you think of your perfect afternoon snack, it’s highly possible that edible insects or bugs may not come to mind.

However, Skye Blackburn, also known as The Bug Lady from Circle Harvest, is about to change your ideas about consuming bugs.

Not only should they not be feared, but you can even enjoy the delicious crispy legs and hands.

Enjoy those bits and bobs of 100% sustainably sourced Australian crickets in chip, powder, pasta, or cereal form.

You think I am joking? No, I am not.

I am also not joking when I say I am completely thrilled to introduce you to fabulous entomologist, food scientist and entrepreneur.

Welcoming Skye Blackburn for episode 51 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast,

Doing so she can expand your mind on why edible insects are delicious, nutritious, and good for the planet.

With a deep passion for sustainable food practices, Skye’s background as an entomologist (an insect scientist) and food scientist led her to this very niche, very fascinating culinary area.

The Edible Bug Shop

In 2007, Skye established the Edible Bug Shop – Australia’s first provider of edible insects and a world leader in edible insect farming techniques that made insect products safe, taste great and suitable for a Western diet.

She also educated the pubic on the benefits of eating insects through cooking demonstrations, collaborations with our industry professionals and media appearances.

Her aim was to inform people about why eating insects was actually a fantastic eco-friendly protein variant, while breaking down the stigma.

And breaking down the misconceptions associated with eating bugs.

Actually, people have been eating insects since ancient times, and many cultures still do today.

In 2020, Skye rebranded her business as Circle Harvest and she now provides a range of healthy and nutrient-dense foods that come in different forms – some can easily be added into your cooking, while others are the perfect go-to snack.

Having been a contestant on Shark Tank, which led to her receiving support from Janine Allis from Boost Juice.

Skye’s edible bug business is expanding by the minute; in fact, she is in the process of setting up a new facility where robots will look after her innumerable precious crickets by feeding them and cleaning up after their mess! Genius!

Tune in to hear Skye and I chat about our very different but equally passionate loves of insects 


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