Sitcoms that Defined a Generation

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The Pop Culture of many television sitcomes have defined a generation.

But, two specific ones spring to mind that have defined our generation, millenials.

We all laughed at Joey’s antics and Chandlers quippy jokes.

Ee rooted for Ross and Rachel and sighed when they finally ended up together.

And we were so happy when Phoebe and Monica finally got their happy endings.

Then not long after we said goodbye to ‘Friends’, a group of nerdy scientists appeared on the scene and wriggled their way into our hearts.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ is now one of the most-watched shows of all time.

We thought we would take our first stroll down pop-culture lane this week.

Adam and I thought we would reveal a little too much about how seriously we take fictional shows.

If you loved BBT and Friends, then you willl like this episode and we would love to hear what you think as well!

Shower thought this week: The number ‘one thousand’ is the first number to have the letter ‘a’ in it.


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