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Some people love hot-rods, while others get more excited over diamonds; high-end designer handbags; fine china; boats; the fanciest pair of sneakers.

There are many lush collectables people desire with all their heart.

Some do whatever they have to do to get their hands on steal, even!

Now we all know it’s a common and unfortunate occurrence.

So, things like fancy cars and jewellery get swiped, but what about if you are a BEE LOVER?!

But, did you know that beehives get stolen from their locations on a semi-regular basis?

That’s right, you heard me correctly – people thieve bee colonies.

Colonies are worth a decent amount of money, produce honey and have the capacity to generate income.

Or they can also be sold on.

Regardless, I am very happy that our next guest on the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast is doing the work he is.

Finding technological solutions to stop bee theft in its tracks.

HiveKeepers to the Rescue

Please welcome fire fighter, beekeeper, and CEO/founder of HiveKeepers, Simon Mildren.

With over 10 years of beekeeping experience, Simon has developed a business composed of an incredible team of innovators.

Including beekeepers, systems architects, data analysts, engineers, and researchers.

People who are passionate about bees as well as being driven to create a sustainable future for our food systems.

One of their remarkable contributions to that future is Hive Guardian.

A tiny, discreet, lightweight and super-dupa rugged battery-powered GPS beehive tracker with up to 3 years of battery life.

Perfect for beehive tracking and theft recovery.

Placed inside the hive, keepers can have peace of mind and stay cool, calm, and collected knowing that their bees are safe and haven’t wandered off in the arms of a thief overnight!

The fantastic reach of the HiveKeepers network offers Australian beekeepers the best coverage available without the expensive costs of a satellite communications link, which can save you thousands!

You can login to see the movements of your hive at any time, set alerts to let you know if there is suspicious activity, and obtain a precise GPS if your hive does happen to go walk about!

HiveKeepers also make an incredible app that enables keepers to record their hive activity and better understand the life cycle of their bees.

Tune in to hear Simon and I chat about his remarkable company HiveKeepers and how his team are using technology to help bees and build a sustainable future.


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