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Over 70 percent of young Australian girls would rather fail a class subject than have their peers know they have their period.

This is outrageous.

Its time we eliminate the shame and stigma surrounding a natural bodily function.

A function over half the world’s population experience at some point in their lifetime.

In this special episode of the Dispensary Discussion, we welcome out first guest.

Allie Xu joins us to discuss this worrying statistic, and to help us promote the #periodpride movement.

A movement which aims to normalize the conversation around women’s menstrual cycles.

Allie is an accredited consultant pharmacist and certified holistic health and life coach.

She works at The Chinese Medicine Pharmacist and is founder of the Global Pharmacy Entrepreneur Networkl.

She was also winner of this years health promotion Hack-A-Thon at the University of Queensland.

Her project aims to raise awareness of the Australian-based charity, Share The Dignity.

Share The Dignity provides education and period products to women who are homeless, at-risk, and also those who experience domestic violence.

Their ambition is to reduce the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation.

Allie explains what we can do to support this amazing cause, as well as why education surrounding this issue is paramount.

Over the course of time, cultures around the world have treated menstruation very uniquely.

We discuss what was the normal practice for that time and place, as well as trying to understand the reasoning behind these practices.

Most importantly, we explain what is normal.

Too many women are unaware of what is classed as normal regarding menstruation and many are too embarrassed to talk about it with their peers.

Let us remove this social stigma and start the conversation to help normalize menstruation.


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