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Ronnie Voigt is a Natural Beekeeping Educator from Hobart, Tasmania.

For me this describes one form of heaven involving two of my greatest loves: natural beekeeping and Tasmania.

Most of you would know, Tasmania is an exquisite island situated off the mainland of Australia.

It is also home to diverse and pristine landscapes, and unique flora and fauna.

So, from my experience, it is also home to many environmentally conscious humans, with huge hearts.

Humans who do what they can to spread the word about the vitality of bees.

However, for those new to beekeeping, natural beekeeping may be a fresh concept.

So, this form of keeping respects the needs of the colony over those of the beekeeper.

This holistic approach comes from an environmentalist perspective that honours these miraculous insects as well as seeks to provide the most positive domesticated life cycle.

This “api-centric” approach is for all beekeepers who want to keep bees for reasons other than intensive honey production.

Done by replicating the nest structure found in the wild.

Making the colony feel as comfortable as possible, and the intricate and sophisticated processes carried out by bees can continue.

This encourages the superorganism to communicate as effectively and adapt to external conditions as they arise.

For my love of Tasmania, natural beekeeping and the passion of my next guest,

This episode I am delighted to introduce Ronnie Voigt.

natural beekeeper extraordinaire and founder of Natural Beekeeping Tasmania.

Ronnie has been beekeeping using natural methods for almost 15 years.

She does so through the use of some specifical hives and processes

Favouring the Layens Hive—an uncommon choice of hive that originated from France, horizontal in orientation, with extra deep frames.

Also the Warre hive—a vertical top-bar hive that uses bars instead of frames, also originating from France.

Natural Beekeeping Educator

Ronnie has honed a unique skill set that keeps bees at the forefront of her practice.

She is also interested in Housel positioning.

It is a method of positioning comb in the hive that works.

It considers the direction of the hive floor and approximating the order the comb is arranged in the wild.

For me, meeting keepers like Ronnie is an utter treat; I love nothing more than yarning about the intricacies of natural beekeeping.

It fills my heart with joy and inspires me to keep finding new ways and means.

It is also thrilling to know that there are beekeepers tucked away in the most gorgeous pockets of the planet.

Doing what they can to marry their passion for beekeeping with their genuine love for bees as creatures.

I also know that their ethics transfers over to their businesses, which is what we need in the fight of mass and blind consumerism.

Through Natural Beekeeping Australia, Ronnie provides beekeeping classes, honey and bee-related products, and hives for keepers–a true Tasmanian gem.

Tune in to hear Ronnie and I unpack the intricacies of the Layens and Warre Hives, what it’s like to live and keep bees in spectacular Tasmania, and the motivation behind her business, Natural Beekeeping Tasmania.


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