Rest In Peace Windows 7 – EOL :(

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In the seventh episode of the Tech Matters podcast, Craig and Greg talk about the end of the road for Windows 7 as the product reaches it’s End of Life (EOL).

Out with the old (Windows 7) in with the new. Greg shares some of the gadgets announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Some sound cool, others not so cool.  He revisits the Segway S-Pod and talks about the Samsung Ballie.

Craig talks about technology in sport after visiting a professional NBL team, the Brisbane Bullets, for their inner sanctum experience. He explains the tech around monitoring athletes work loads and video break downs.

Greg gives his take on some new fake meat products hitting the shelves in our supermarkets and fast food outlets. He shares his recent experience using his family as guinea pigs at a local burger franchise.

The team also talk about the new Bluetooth standard on the way. Bluetooth 5.0 LE (low energy) is geared to help headphones and devices run longer and improve connectivity. Badged under Bluttooth Smart, the new is also set to allow multiple devices to share the same audio stream. Devices enabled with the technology may still be a couple of years away.

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