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Business planning is one of the most important aspects of any entrepreneurial endeavour.

As we enter a new year, or rather new financial year, now is the time to reflect, review and plan for the future.

It is a natural time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work in our businesses over the previous 12 months.

Did the plan of attack bring in the desired income?

Or did the desired plan never take place?

And – sometimes – all of your plans completely go out the window when the unexpected happens.

You know, like a worldwide pandemic…

Today in the Marketing & Me Podcast, I’m chatting with Jane Tweedy from FAQ Business Training about reflecting, reviewing, and planning for the future.

If you’re unsure how to progress in your business in the upcoming months.

Then listen to these fantastic tips and guidance from a very business-savvy woman!

Business planning is a must for entrepreneurial endeavours. Enjoy!


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