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Pete Davidson is an educator, with a degree in design who also happened to love theatre and performing since the age of 7.

He hosts the podcast “Talking Sock” – a One Orange Sock production where he shares other puppeteer’s passion for the craft.

0:00 Episode Teaser
2:55 A Passion for Puppetry
7:25 Puppets in Education
10:25 Puppet Making Methodology
20:35 Broadening Perceptions
25:00 Puppetry in Australia
35:00 Puppetry as a Tool
44:25 Puppetry and Improv as Therapy
50:30 Talking Sock International Vision

During his University years he attained the role in a musical theatre production of Avenue Q.

He played the main character, a puppet named Princeton.

This was his first expeirence of puppetry and he was hooked. He became fascinated with the art of animating an inanimate character and bring life to a puppet.

Since that experience Peter has travelled the world to learn the different appraoches of puppet building and different styles of puppeteering, story telling and puppet theatre.

An educator part time, Pete finds puppets as a perfect way to deliver valuable messages in education while ticking a number of key learning outcomes for students.

He understands the power of puppetry in helping explain difference, teaching tolerance and imrpoving students understanding.

In this episode he shares some of his methods of puppet making, delves into his motivation behind his podcast and shares his ultimate vision for “Talking Sock International”.

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