Psychadelic Assisted Therapy

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Addressing Mental Health with Nathan Jennings
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This episode we discusses psychadelic assisted therapy with the founder of Mind Medicine Australia, Tania De Jong.

The number of people suffering from mental illness continues to rise with an estimate 10.7 per cent of the world’s population (i.e. 792 million) reported to have had a mental disorder or episode in 2017.

The current covid-19 pandemic will see the number of reported mental health cases rise.

Mind Medicine Australia is working towards integrating psychedelic-assisted therapy into the Australian mental health system.

The results from these medicines in recent studies have been somewhat incredible.

Psychedelic assisted therapy may be the next big breakthrough for treating a wide range of mental health diagnosis.

Early indications are the therapy may benefit sufferers of depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other stress and mental health disorders.


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