Productive Conversations Aren’t Always Easy

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Growth is hard, from growing pains in your limbs to emotional pains as you transition from one life lesson to the next.

Throw in other people’s life lessons.

Lessons in love and communication and you have what can only be described as a hot mess, but the best kind.

This episode we look back, but not too far back.

Thinking about the challenges we have faced when it comes to understanding our different persona’s.

How we differ between home and work, and now when home is our work.

We talk about our difficulties communicating and the feelings we have around taking each other for granted.

But we also recognise the lessons we have learned from each other by being open.

Willing to face the hard fact we can not do everything right.

Shower thought of the week: We associate it with death and decay now, but a plague doctor mask was probably very comforting and reassuring back when it was used, as it meant a medic was nearby and ready to help.


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