Acoustic Foam Soundproofing Tiles


Reduce wave, reverb and flutter in your podcast recordings, with these foam acoustic panels. Perfect for soundproofing any room, large or small. 

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These NEW acoustic soundproofing foam studio tiles reduce wave, reverb and flutter in your podcast recordings. The panels reduce the effect of ambient background noise and microphone pickup from the back end of condenser microphones and dynamic microphones.

Need to soundproof a room? These foam acoustic wedge design tiles are a cost effective solution. Soundproof any room, large or small. Perfect for walls, ceilings, doors, windows, etc. to help block sounds and prevent echoes in the room. These soundproof tiles can also be used to treat smaller recording cabinets and booths. Help reduce sound reflection from hard surfaces like furniture, walls, windows and doors. Deaden the sound of a room.

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Your chosen option of Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges
Note: Colour may vary from images shown due to screen settings. Foam size may vary slightly +/- 3cm due to nature of material.

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12PCS 25x25x5cm, 12PCS Blue Mix 30x30x2.5, 12PCS Red Mix 30x30x2.5, 24PCS Black 30x30x2.5cm

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Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges



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