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This episode we explore podcasting for brand building.

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast?

But wonder if it’s all worth the effort?

Or maybe you’re super eager to get onboard.

But you feel there are already so many talented people out there with podcasts.

People who are all talking about the same stuff as you, and you don’t feel like you have any further value to add to the world?I

f that’s the case, stop that limited thinking right now!

As mentioned in previous episodes, I’ve had such an amazing experience in my podcasting journey so far.

And there are heaps of people, just like you, listening to my show every day.

Even though there are a heap of other marketing podcasts out there.

Today, I’m chatting with podcast coach, Darren Saul from Suspended Animation, who has a long list of podcasting benefits to share and objections to overrule.

So if you’ve ever had even a fleeting thought about starting a podcast, this episode is for you!


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