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Peter Debicki, The Polish Beekeeper, from Burrumbeet, Victoria, Australia

It’s a strange phenomenon, but sometimes in life you repeatedly get drawn to a place and you are unsure why.

People from that country or city seem to enter your life, time and again. And each of them feels strangely comfortable, as do their stories, their foods, their ways and mannerisms.

Poland is one of those places for me. It pops up time and again, calling out to me, reminding me of the marvels that exist beyond Australia shores.

Another strange but special phenomenon: some people really shine as beautiful souls.

I have been lucky enough to have met a number of beaming, gorgeous humans with delightful positive attitudes in my time on Earth.

Peter Debicki, also known simply as “The Polish Beekeeper” – is, without a doubt, one of the best.

Having immigrated to Australia from Poland when he was just ten years old, Peter has much knowledge to offer about local beekeeping and European beekeeping.

You see, just as I have a soft spot for Pete, I also have a soft spot for Poland.

Having worked for some months with Weronika Wasiak, he worked alongside me for Ben’s Bees during her time in Australia.

I feel a sense of connection to the place. It is a destination that is definitely right up there on my post-COVID jet setting, global-beekeeping to-travel-to list!

Now Peter the Polish beekeeper is a popular fella – I have had a bunch of people ask me to introduce him to the Ben’s Bees community for some time.

Peter has a loyal social media following with fans from all over the country and the world.

A sweet and knowledgeable guy, Peter and his bees make delicious honey and help out people when a swarm hits.

Or assists if there is a beekeeping dilemma that needs expert attention.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Peter Debicki, The Polish Beekeeper, to the BEES WITH BEN podcast for episode 48.

Tune in to hear Pete and I talk about Poland, Lyson and Paradise hives, and strange phenomena, including the one when Peter witnessed his bees dragging the parts of a deceased mouse skeleton, bone by bone, from their hive!


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