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Matthew Waltner-Toews from Unspun Honey, Mount Gambier, Australia.

I love imperfections in nature, especially honey.

So as a natural beekeeper, I take my hat off to businesses that privilege the wellbeing of the bee over all else.

That is what makes Unspun Honey one of my favourite ventures.

Matthew Waltner-Toews and family own and operate Unspin Honey in Mount Gambier.

A lovely pack of first-generation, self-taught beekeepers who started in 2014.

They now have themselves an ethical business honouring bees, sustainability and the environment.

I am inspired by people who don’t come from the world of beekeeping, yet take it on with such gusto and warm-hearted passion.

So much passion in fact, everything they do touch seems to turn to gold (or honey, which is the same thing really).

‘No-one in our family has, to the best of our knowledge, ever kept bees before’.

Matthew Waltner-Toews

What gems.

And it was for these reasons I am so thrilled to welcome Matthew to the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

What is Natural Beekeeping?

For anyone that is not certain, natural beekeeping aims to replicate, or mimic, the nest structure that would usually be found in the wild.

Doing so, makes the colony feel as comfortable as possible.

So the intricate and sophisticated processes carried out by bees can continue.

This encourages the superorganism to communicate as effectively as possible and adapt to external conditions as they arise.

Including disease or an environmental shift.

Therefore, we see that natural beekeeping allows the bees to do all their everyday tasks and activities as naturally as possible.

Things like reproduction, building honeycomb, make honey or source food.

Anti-chemical and pro-nature, this approach knows that bee health and happiness is always central to a good beekeeping practice.

As Matthew explains,

‘Our business is one of only a few at the forefront of natural beekeeping and true, local artisan honey production.

We strongly believe that the high quality of our product is a direct result of our unconventional philosophy: compassion and ethical treatment of our bees.’

Llisten in as Mathew and I speak about Unspun Honey, the remarkable Warre beehive, the characteristics and charm of raw honey.

And of course, the beauty of this simple beekeeping method.


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