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Being a beekeeper has opened my mind and life up to healthy living and expanded my awareness of using natural materials whenever possible.

One of the things I have deeply enjoyed about selling bee-related products over the past ten or more years, is watching the way in which consumers in Australia have leaned into buying locally made.

But not only locak, environmentally friendly, health-conscious products for their bodies, their homes, and as gifts for their families and friends.

I have also seen the rise of great businesses, run by amazing people with huge hearts and creative visions.

One of these fantastic individuals is Natalie Skovron from DETOXDEN, Sydney.

I am delighted to introduce her to my community for episode 65 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

About Detoxden

Since COVID-19, we have all come to realise the necessity of a happy home.

A home that nourishes us and brings a sense of calm and respite from a world that has felt more than a little unstable for some time now.

A home is not just a building, an architectural structure; it is a small part of the world where you can feel joyful and safe.

Somewhere to rejuvenate yourself.

Somewhere to curl up and relax at the end of a long day.

And as our homes are somewhere we have needed to spend more and more time in what feels like never-ending (but necessary) lockdowns.

(We are currently experiencing Melbourne’s fifth lockdown to date.)

It is my hope that our homes have become places we have grown to love more than before.

For that reason, fill your home only with good quality, safe, beautiful, healthy products so that you can settle in without a worry in the world.

Tune in to hear Natalie and I chat about DETOXDEN and why safe and non-toxic homewares are so important to fully enjoying life at home.


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