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Michael Church, The Roo Keepers, Melbourne and Regional Victoria

I don’t know about you, but if there was one thing I couldn’t get enough of as a kid it was animal-related activities.

Excursions to wildlife sanctuaries, touch tanks at the aquarium where you could pick up starfish and anemones, trips out to the farm to hang out with cows and chooks.

And last but never least, wandering in the spectacular and always surprising Australian bush.

My schoolbooks were filled with sketches of animals of all kinds, and most of the time I would have much rather been at home on my parents’ property.

At home among their small troop of animals instead of slaving away over maths equations and grammar.

For that reason, I would have been madly obsessed with the next guest on the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast – Michael Church of The Roo Keepers.

The Roo Keepers is incredible business that helps to educate kids and adults about native Australian animals.

They also teach people about the environment whilst encouraging more sustainable ways of living.

Roo Keepers are a recognised name in ecological learning,

Michael of Newport and Mount Egerton, services Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Roo Keepers’ zoo (based in Mount Egerton) is home to over 100 animals, including some endangered species.

Michael and his crew introduce their special animal friends to children in all levels of school as well as at to children and adults alike at shows, corporate events, and parties.

With backgrounds in zoology, biology and teaching, the amazing staff and volunteers at The Roo Keepers make sure the animals, kids AND adults all feel happy, safe and comfortable.

They make learning a hands-on that can change lives and bring huge amounts of joy.

Bees are also incredibly important to Michael and his business, as he understands the wellbeing of the environment relies upon the wellbeing of the world’s most loved pollinators.

Tune in to hear Michael and I chat about The Roo Keepers, his passion for bees and sustainability, and who is scared of who – bees or seagulls!?


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