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By ‘Walnut’ we really mean prostate, that is right men, check your prostate.

It is a tiny, walnut sized gland that can cause many problems.

So why do men persist with prostate issues?

Men are notoriously bad at looking after their own health, with excuses ranging from being time poor.

Then of course there is also the outrageous excuse that they don’t like hearing bad news.

The importance of looking after your health cannot be understated in men.

Issues surrounding the prostate is a great example of getting things checked regularly to avoid future issues.

There are many different issues men can face with the prostate, ranging from infection through to cancer.

But most men know, if screened appropriately and regularly, it can be managed easily.

Dale and Tracy run through some common issues surrounding the prostate. as well as treatments available to help manage the condition.

So they even might be able to alleviate some fears associated with getting regular checks!

Women are constantly getting checked for breast cancer and cervical cancer through why do men avoid it like the plague?

Its time to man-up, look after your health and get your prostate checked regularly to avoid being one of the statistics.


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