Lockwood Beekeeping Supplies, Vittoria NSW

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Goldfields Honey, Bee and Pollination Services Pty Ltd and its sister company Goldfield Honey Australia are producers and packers of 100% pure Australian Honey.

The founder Grant Lockwood (1958 – 2017) started beekeeping as an apprentice in 1974 and remained in the industry until his death in 2017.

Together with his wife Vicki, he established Goldfields Honey in 2000 and had a natural gift for beekeeping, a gift he passed on to his son Jon

After his passing Jon is now the principal beekeeper in the family business.

And now Jon’s expertise and knowledge of Australian honey is being passed on to his son Sam.

Sam in turnhas become an expert in honey packing for the Australian customer.

Packing both blends and straight lines.

Beekeeping – A Family Affair

But it does not stop there.

Son Mark operates the tourist shop, The Beekeepers Inn, which sells many varieties of Australian honey for tasting and sale.

Amazingly people come from all around the world to taste the varieties.

Daughter Claire also operates the tourist facility, Beekeepers Inn.

They also host functions from the restaurant and love teaching the importance of honey production and pollination to groups.

So this is a proudly run Australian family business as you will discover in this episode of Bees with Ben.


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