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Are you out of the LinkedIn loop?

Maybe you’re unsure how it all works. Or see it as another time-waster.

If you are assuming the LinkedIn platform was predominately for job hunters and recruiters, you would be mistaken.

Yes, it was once, but now it has become so much more.

With nearly 675 million members across 200 countries and regions, LinkedIn now plays a key part in building an online social media presence for businesses big and small.

LinkedIn is considered one of the most powerful platforms for Business to Business with more than two new professionals sign up every second.

At the time of this recording, we’re in the midst of the Coronavirus / Covid19 outbreak.

Fears are high. Certainty is low.

Business might be quieter than usual for you.

Your networking events and conferences have been cancelled.

So now is the perfect time to jump onto LinkedIn and discover ways it can help continue and build momentum in your business.


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