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This episode our guest is Stephen Heatley, owner of Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queen Bees.

Kangaroo Island Artists are eccentric people.

But from my experience, some of the best and most interesting beekeepers are similarly colourful characters.

To be so obsessed with one small, yet mighty, creature takes a certain personality, and a little wackiness.

Add a whole lot of passion and you have the usual key ingredients in the recipe of a great beekeeper.

That is why I am excited to introduce you to Stephen Heatley, owner of Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queen Bees.

Any of you that have visited Kangaroo Island know is a truly magnificent place.

Situated off the mainland of South Australia near Adelaide, this glorious part of the world captivates all who visit its shores.

Did you know that over a third of Kangaroo Island is a protected nature reserve?

This gem is home to an abundance of native wildlife like sea lions, koalas and a myriad of bird species.

In the west, Flinders Chase National Park is famous for its penguin colonies and striking coastal rock formations.

The stalactite-strewn Admirals Arch and the sculpted Remarkable Rocks are key features of this landscape.

Maybe it is the glorious natural surroundings that makes this passionate beekeeper such a special and remarkable character.

Who Is Stephen Heatley?

Stephen grew up on the Australian mainland in New South Wales but moved to Kangaroo Island 13 years ago to pursue his passion for bees.

There are only a small number of commercial beekeepers on the island, and while they focus predominantly on producing honey.

However, Stephen has a passion for a special strain of queen bee – the Ligurian Queen Bee.

Which apparently can only be found in its pure form on the secluded Kangaroo Island.

It is believed to have been introduced into Australia by the United States in 1885 from Italy.

You will hear just how passionate Stephen is about these unique queens, and you will learn how he is working hard to keep them alive and well in one of Australia’s most spectacular and special nature locations.

Hear this eccentric and wonderful beekeeper, queen breeder, and honey producer talk about his business.

He shares how he is bouncing back from the fires that devastated the Island earlier in the year.

We discuss the time is takes for flora to rejuvenate to the stage where bees can get a good feed.

And we talk about the Ligurian Bee Monument.

Our chatter takes us across so many other very niche aspects of beekeeping with the brilliant and quirky Stephen Heatley.


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