It Doesn’t Really Cost That Much

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This episode of Tech Matters, we get into just how much a devout Apple user would be willing to pay for the highest end desktop computer in Apple’s arsenal. Leaving us asking is that apple mac price legit?

It doesn’t really cost that much… does it?

Greg and Craig scratching their heads.

Find out exactly what such a system would set you back and whether you really need the hardware or is it just for bragging rights?  

We introduce a new segment – “Just the Tip”, and our host seem somewhat a little amused and excited by their new segment intro. Greg shares a simple little hack to help people watching ads in long format videos on YouTube, by using VLC player.

Greg looks at the top trending google searches for the year and bores Craig with Star Wars, Baby Yoda and Disney+ (Greg lost Craig at “hello”)

For our “tech fail of the week” one of us committed the ultimate tech sin. Who was it this week? A valuable reminder to everyone, as it’s a fail we all do and a time bomb waiting to take everyone out.

The hosts talk about the importance of backing up and methods you may use to ensure you keep your data safe.

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