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For any of you that know me, I love a good yarn.

One the of the best things about my job is getting out and about with local people.

I love sharing the knowledge I have about bees, the environment, produce, gardening and healthy living.

And I have lots of experience getting on my soapbox!

For years now, I have been a representative at local and international conferences.

Aappearing on popular TV and radio programs including The Project, ABC radio, Network Ten News.

Being myself on Channel Nine’s reality show, Dream Job.

Launching educational programs and books such as, children’s publication, The Bee Book, promoted on Channel Seven, Tasmania.

Mentoring new beekeepers in their practice, one-on-one, in person and online.

I have been an active teacher and advocate for bees in the community.

Travelling from school to school, town hall to town hall, community centre to community centre.

My sell-out courses have proved to be great fun and very popular.

All these pursuits are driven by my passion for spreading the word about bees, beekeeping, sustainability and local produce.

And, (drumroll) I now have a podcast… you are kind of listening to it now.

I understand the importance of being entertaining, welcoming my guests, making everyone feel involved.

My podcast will help me pass on my love of bees making it accessible to hopefully inspire positive change!


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